Emilyís Plan

There are those of us who know this world is tough
And thus plan their lives to keep their guards up

And there are those, like Emily
Who also know the world is tough, in fact too tough for too many,

And because of this they live their lives wide open to
Whatever they can do to redress wrong and
Cast some light where there is yet none
And play the notes of a sweeter tune
To the words of some redemption song.

Too young you thought to make a difference?
Emilyís mode was earnest compassion, her tone considerate,
Always hopefully thoughtful, funny when she had the chance-
Laughing as an act of daily revolution
That would intrigue us with its gentle subversion of routine.
Was it her intuition of a better world she already knew or
Inspiration from insight accrued or
Empathy of a soul of the higher order or
Just a girl in love with life, the world, the sound of all that could come true?

For Emilyís plan to work,
She had to make a life in each moment about to come,
She was gaining faith in her mission of
Figuring out what could be comprehended,
What could change and what must be accepted.
And though I donít know what conclusions
She may have reached,
I am comforted to believe that
She had no Plan B.

Leo Babeu
Emily's uncle, who shares Emily's birthday


Thanks to Anukul Gurung for the fairy image of Emily
Thanks to Fletcher Grayson/Gray Media for creating The Emily Fund logo

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