The mission of The EMILY Fund is to continue Emily Rachel Silverstein’s legacy of hope in action for a more peaceful, just and sustainable world, through education, mentorship and creating and disseminating educational resources to facilitate individuals and student-centered organizations to experience local and global social change through community building activities.

The EMILY Fund provides an annual scholarship to students who have been actively engaged in volunteer activities and community-building, and who intend to pursue careers that will be focused on building a more peaceful, just and sustainable world. We begin in 2009 with annual scholarships to Emily’s schools: $1000 scholarship to a Hightstown High School senior, $200 savings bond to a Kreps Middle School eighth-grader, and $100 savings bond to a Roosevelt Public School sixth-grader. We intend to expand to a national scholarship in the future when funding allows.

The EMILY Fund has created a calendar of more than 60 action dates to inspire and empower young people to get involved in community service and work to create a better world, one act of compassion at a time. None of us alone can change the world, but together we make a world of difference. Free printable resources for each of the dates are available on the website, which include background on the issue and the obserance, links for more information and ways that young people can get involved.

Dating violence is a serious issue. One in three young people report having been physically, emotionally, verbally or sexually abused! The EMILY Fund has distributed more than 480,000 FREE Dating Pledge Cards to a network of more than 800 schools and domestic violence agencies in all 50 states. This project focuses on 3 of the DO ONE THING Calendar action dates to raise awareness and inspire action: February's Dating Violence Awareness & Prevention Month; April's Sexual Assault Awareness Month; and October's Domestic Violence Awareness Month. So far this year, The EMILY Fund has inspired the declaration of over 900 proclamations by Mayors in 49 states as well as 48 US Governors. Each of these proclamations provided an opportunity for local communities to come together to learn about and address this serious issue.


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