Emily’s Big Love

Did not fit in any box,
Even wearing mismatched socks

It was goofy and it was huge
It spoke to me, it spoke to you’s    (guys)

She was peaceable and yet on fire
With a vivid imagination that never tired

She lived gentle, in demeanor often mild,
Though determined she was to help each child

As Emily’s spirit makes its way free
She takes a place in you and me

Her grin became a giggle, her chuckle might turn to sigh
A wistful sound, a comfort you can’t buy

Lean on me, I think she’d say
If asked how we can handle this day

Forthright in her word, her action and mind
When I look for her essence what I find


Standing over here and sitting out there
A strength that defies categories, it’s love beyond fear            

Big love in philosophy, big love as mystery
At her best when she was sisterly,


Leo Babeu
Emily's uncle, who shares Emily's birthday

Thanks to Anukul Gurung for the fairy image of Emily
Thanks to Fletcher Grayson/Gray Media for creating The Emily Fund logo

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