As a mother, expression at this time comes with extreme difficulty. Words have both consoled me and unnerved me. I have been speechless and I have nervously spouted. All of this, because of this VOID, this loss, this wonder we all know as Emily.

As a friend, your pain is also immense. Each of us in this room has an individual journey to heal and move forward at our own pace, in our own time. This process will of course include Emily she will be the catapult. And I feel comfort in knowing you here at Gettysburg can join hands in doing so.

I ask you only this May you continue to share both her passion and her inquiry about this world as well as her vision and her actions to create a shift that embraces humankind and the physical shell we call Earth. Do so while caring for one another.

Emily, my magnificent daughter, I will love you forever.

Linda B. Silverstein
(Emily's Mom)
At the 4/15/09 Memorial Service at Gettysburg College


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