Emily, my love, you are simply all that I aspire to be.

Far less than half my age, you possess the beauty, the grace, the wisdom, the compassion, the direction, the forthrightness, the style and the sensitivity that I only wish for. For those of you who truly know either one or both if us, you then must also know the depth of our relationship transcends words on paper and in breath.

In the last four days, the outpouring of love, support and humanity we have experienced from family, friends and so many others has been beyond belief. Emily would be proud. I have felt like a spinning top, tossed in every direction, without purpose. I feel my body shake in every cell, in every fiber, in every moment. The aching is like no other. I weep, I sob, I pace, I stutter, I search, yet I do not find what I am looking for. For it is you, Emily. And yet, you are all around me. I will try to keep my eyes open and spread your intentions and love through my life. I am daunted by the task, but for you, because of you, and in honor of you, this will be my work.

Dearest Emily, I love you forever.

Linda Babeu Silverstein
(Emily's Mom)
At the 4/13/09 Memorial Service at Roosevelt Public School


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